About us

Changing lives, one child at a time - our orphanage in Kenya provides a safe and loving home for vulnerable children.

Running an orphanage in Kenya is not just about providing shelter and food for vulnerable children. It’s about creating a safe and loving home where these children can heal from their past traumas and build a brighter future.

It’s about giving them access to education, healthcare, and opportunities to grow and develop their talents. It’s about empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and become agents of change in their communities. 

At our orphanage, we are committed to giving these children the tools and support they need to thrive and succeed, and to make a positive impact on the world. 

no poverty

best education

clean water

good health


How we started

The Children’s Home In Nyamira District, Magwawa, Has A Heartwarming Story Of How It All Began.It Started With A Family That Decided To Take In A Small Number Of Children In Need Of Care And Support. These Children Came From Families That Were Facing Difficult Situations, And The Family Believed That They Could Make A Difference In Their Lives. As The Family Took In More Children, The Number Of Kids Under Their Care Steadily Grew. They Were Not Prepared For What Was To Come When The AIDS Epidemic Struck The Region. Many Children Lost Their Parents To The Disease, And They Were Left With Elderly Grandparents Or Distant Relatives Who Could Not Take Care Of Them. The Family Saw An Opportunity To Help, And They Took In These Children As Well.

Over Time, The Number Of Children Continued To Increase, And The Family Realized That They Needed To Do More To Support The Growing Needs Of The Children. They Reached Out To Their Community, Seeking Support To Expand Their Home And Take In More Children Who Needed Their Help.
As A Result, The Children’s Home Started Taking In More Children From Impoverished Homes, Providing Them With A Safe And Loving Environment To Live, Learn, And Grow. Despite The Challenges They Faced, The Staff At The Children’s Home Remained Committed To Their Mission Of Provided.

Today, The Children’s Home Continues To Operate, And It Is Still Home To Over 30 Children. The Staff Work Tirelessly To Ensure That Each Child Is Provided With Food, Shelter, Education, And Healthcare. The Children Are Encouraged To Participate In The Daily Operations Of The Home, Helping With Chores And Activities To Instill A Sense Of Responsibility And Ownership.

The Children’s Home Has Become An Essential Part Of The Community, A Place Where Children Can Find Refuge And Hope. The Home Has Helped Many Children Become Successful Professionals, Business Owners, And Community Leaders. They Have Become Productive Members Of Society, Giving Back To Their Communities And Creating A Better Future For The Next Generation.

In A World Where So Many Children Are Left Behind, The Children’s Home In Nyamira District, Magwawa, Stands As A Shining Example Of What Can Be Achieved Through Compassion, Love, And Dedication To Making A Difference. It Is A Testament To The Human Spirit And The Power Of A Community To Come Together To Create Positive Change.

Vessel for Honor

The Shining Start Children Home is proudly managed by the Vessel for Honor Non-profit organization. If you want to read more about us click here.